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Clearswift Newsletter: February 2014 - Edition #4

In this month’s edition, learn more about the Clearswift partnership with Blue Coat systems to fully integrate our SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) with the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances.

Clearswift are exhibiting at RSA Conference 2014 where we will be showcasing, for the first time, the Clearswift IG Server and demonstrating its capabilities with our unique Adaptive Redaction technology (AR).

The theme of our attendance will focus on our continuing research, The Enemy Within with the unveiling of the social media campaign #whoissandra. Stay tuned and Follow us on twitter to 'find the Sandra' in your organization!

Dat Thrower, SVP Customer Service

Dat Thrower
Industry & Market News

Whether we are talking about state sponsored, hacktervist groups, opportunist thieves or negligent individuals we are now surrounded by a world of security breaches that make traditional crimes look like stealing from the candy store.


Read Kevin Bailey’s latest blog post:


‘Better the devil(s) you know, than the devil(s) you don’t?’ 


Which devils can be trusted? And, when to change your attitude to minimize your exposure.

Knowledge Bank

The main approaches taken to control the access to BYOD in the workplace have several drawbacks, creating new security challenges for IT departments.


Clearswift  addresses these problems by allowing devices to be transparently proxied meaning that no changes will need to be made to the actual device.

Read our new guide “Managing BYOD Internet Access” to find out how Clearswift can help.

Don’t hesitate to share requests for our next tips and guides - We'd love to hear from you!

Product Updates

Clearswift has partnered with Blue Coat Systems to fully integrate the SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) with the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances.


The SIG enables clients to use the Clearswift Deep Content Inspection engine to provide policy driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and deploy our unique Adaptive Redaction technology within an ICAP environment.

Find out more, download the ICAP datasheet now.

Regional Spotlight

I steal data everyday and you won’t want to stop me!

Clearswift is a key sponsor of the eCrime conference in London next month. Kevin Bailey, Head of Marketing Strategy, will run a controversial keynote, where he will demonstrate that you won’t want to stop him stealing data! 

Learn more about the event and register here

In the news

SC Magazine: Clearswift SVP of Products Guy Bunker comments on the article Encrypted - but fully executable - program code now possible “You have to remember, he explained, that there is no silver bullet in security matters, even in encryption.”

Useful resources

• Watch our latest ‘Adaptive Redaction in Action’ video and see how Clearswift ensures the protection of your business critical information, whilst enabling continuous and secure collaboration.


• Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway Remote Client is a complete security solution enabling you to take full control of information flowing through your users’ browsing traffic whether they are on-premise or remote.

"Our recent acquisition of Microdasys further reinforces our commitment to critical information protection and safeguarding organizations from cyber threats…furthermore, it fits perfectly into our growth strategy, enhancing our own critical information protection solutions – which are aimed at mitigating risk and delivering 100% visibility of where that information is 100% of the time." 

Heath Davies, Chief Executive, Clearswift 

Read press release
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